The Shriram Group

The Shriram Group is one of the oldest and most respected Business Houses in the country, having vast experience and nationwide operations in a wide variety of sectors from textiles, to engineering, to finance to education.

It has shown exemplary leadership in the national context by introducing some of the leading Fortune 500 companies in India. To name a few, Toyota of Japan, Daewoo of Korea who have over the years set-up automobile manufacturing facility in joint venture with Shriram Group.

Benetton of Italy, a well know brand in fashion arena was introduced in India by this group to reach great heights of popularity.

The Shriram Group has also brought the highest quality computer education to India in partnership with New Horizons of USA, one of the fastest growing Fortune 500 Companies in the world having more than 200 Centres, 2000 Classrooms and 2700 teachers in 60 Countries.

It has a tradition of excellence in the field of education, and has been instrumental in setting up leading institutions in the country like Shriram College of Commerce and Lady Shriram College.

The Leadership Team has a vision of contributing towards industry relevant education in the country, and hence has taken the initiative in the coaching industry also. It has launched SHRIRAM EDUCORP LIMITED for the same purpose.

The Engineering Entrance coaching brand of SHRIRAM EDUCORP LIMITED is IIT Study Circle with its centers in many cities across the country.

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