One Year Passout Classroom Program for JEE 2014


XII Pass Students




May / June / July 2013

Completion of the course

January 2014


  • Regular Classes 
  • Study Material  and Exercises
  • Tutorial and dedicated problem-solving sessions
  • Regular Practice & Revision Tests
  • All India Test Series
  • Over 10 full and part syllabus tests
  • Online support & online availability of results and feedback
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Final step extensive Revision Program before JEE


Classes will be held 3-4 days per week. Over 500 hours of classroom contact.


This course has been designed for students who have already appeared for their XII boards, and will be preparing for the next year's JEE. Emphasis will be put on refreshing the concepts of the students in such a way that fallacies of their past are done away with. The duration of classes will be relatively longer in this course, the discussion very detailed, assuming no or minimal prior knowledge on the student's part.

Rigorous assignments and tests will be handed out regularly, so that the student can actually feel an improvement in his/her level, as the course progresses. Students who have completed their XI and XII studies will be able to significantly improve their level of understanding and  performance.

Admission Criteria:   Through Scholarship-cum-Admission Test & Direct Admission.

Scholarship:  Please refer to the section of Scholarships & Fee Waivers

Course Fee:  Please contact to nearest centre.

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